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Final Evo Opponent Close to Arrest

Posted: admin on Dec 13 | Uncategorized

The last major opposition leader in Bolivia, Ruben Costas, the governor of Santa Cruz may soon be declared “a rebel” for not appearing in court in La Paz to address charges of defamation where he is accused of “verbal aggression” against judge Marcelo Soza. All of President Morales’ strong opponents have either fled the country or been entangled in legal prosecutions and Costas marks the last such national figure to have avoided this fate. Soza is seeking an arrest warrant to bring Costas to La Paz to defend himself against the defamation charges and hopes to have it shortly. Costas recently survived a robbery where he was shot in the head by gunmen who fled the scene and has since made a full recovery.
To learn more in Spanish see: http://www.erbol.com.bo/noticia.php?identificador=2147483953109


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