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Evo Wants “Gangster” Obama Stripped of Nobel Prize and UN Re-Named

Posted: admin on Mar 21 | International, Law & Justice, Politics

As US President Obama visits neighboring Chile, Bolivian president Morales has called on the Nobel committee to strip him of his peace prize and has called for the United Nations (ONU in Spanish) to be renamed “ONI,” The United Nations of Invaders. “If the Nobel Peace Prize committee was to dignify this prize, they should revoke it from the US President,” said Morales at a press conference. Morales himself received the $50,000 “Gaddadi Human Rights Prize” before becoming the Bolivian president and said that the world should ask itself if Obama is defending peace or provoking massacres. Morales said that the United Nations was bombing hospitals and schools on the pretext of savings lives. He said that the Libya invasion was just a pretext to invade and take Libya’s natural resources. “How is it that a Nobel Peace Prize winner heads a groups of gangsters to assault and invade? This is not part of the defense of human rights, nor the rights of self determination of peoples.” Morales called for the “invasion” to stop and instead for a committee of UN, Arab League and African Union officials to solve the Libya problem peacefully. Morales said that the $50,000 he had won from the Gaddafi Human Rights Prize had been invested “to the benefits of social forces” in Cochabamba.

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  1. Bret on March 22, 2011 3:16 pm

    Evo Morales demonstrates once again he is the “simpleton” from the campo that cannot grasp world events, leadership, nor the pressures the INTL Community apply to the USA every day. He is the consumate victim, leading by ignorance and misguiding his people.

  2. Irina Wickholm on March 27, 2011 3:15 pm

    In view of the critical situation in my life, I addressed embassy of America. I sent there my applications (and other documents), which prove: a). numerous violations of my human rights and the basic freedoms, infringements of laws and the international agreements by authorities the several states – Germany, Russia and Finland; b). double standards in questions of the human rights defense of personally A. Merkel, of the Germany’s President H. Köhler, of their subordinates, of the authorities and “defenders of human rights” (to whom US taxes-payers pays by grants for their activity) of Russia, of the authorities of Finland; etc.. I asked to give the information necessary for me; to pass my applications and documents into offices of the international human rights organizations which are in US; to promote affair of protection of my human rights, etc..
    From Embassy of the USA I haven’t received any answer – since November, 2009 though according to mail notifications of delivery, my documents have been handed to addressee. And I have been compelled to address (with the application from 24.04.2010г.) to the President – to Mr. B. Obama, how to Constitution Guarantor and how to the person, awarded by the Nobel Prize of the World.
    I asked B. Obama the same: to help me to receive answers to my statements from US embassy; to pass my statements to the American department on affairs of foreigners, to the US department for Migration – for answers; to help me to restore all my infringed human rights, etc.. My documents have been handed to addressee (according to mail notifications of delivery) – to Barack Obama in June 2010. But I didn’t get any answer till now.
    But B. Obama, as lawyer, know, that this his non-giving of answers, unwillingness to take measures, concealment of crimes – is double standards and infringements also.
    Therefore, I believe that his actions is incompatible with the title of Nobel laureate absolutely and I propose to contact the Nobel committee with the appropriate statement for deprivation of Barack Obama of this high reward.
    Actions of US and others countries against Libya is CRIMES and double standards !!!

    Therefore, I believe that actions of US president is incompatible with the title of Nobel laureate absolutely! And I propose to contact the Nobel committee with the appropriate statement for deprivation of Barack Obama of this high reward.
    Also double-faced Ban Ki Moon must go out of his high office!
    (My application to double-faced Ban Ki Moon and to the others – the same as he: http://wickholm-irina.blogspot.com/2010/08/blog-post_5342.html )

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