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Evo Receives Doctorate Degree

Posted: admin on Sep 20 | Education & Youth, International, Politics

Yesterday President Evo Morales received an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Havana for his “work fighting for dignity of the oppressed peoples of Latin America,” said Morales. Morales is in Cuba before continuing on to New York for a meeting of the Organization of American States. Morales spoke about the fight of Latin American people for their independence and for the “indigenous that gave them their birth, despite the policies of extermination that the colonizers used against them. Morales mentioned how indigenous leaders like Bolivia’s Tupac Katari and Bartolina Sisa headed such movements and paid with their lives. Morales said, “There were times of harmony between people and Mother Earth, in which property belonged to all, not to certain groups. The fight continues for the total independence from the bonds of the past that try to convert us into slaves.” Morales said that when the US forces were occupying bases in the Chapare jungle, specifically in ChimorĂ©, Bolivian presidents had to request permission to land in their own territory.

To learn more in Spanish see: http://www1.abi.bo/#


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  1. Tyler on February 20, 2012 6:12 pm

    I could almost like Evo if he would not automatically hate me and call me colonista gringo without hearing what I believe. On the matter of education, as an educator in Bolivia, I see immense value in researching the old native education systems and using more practical alternative approaches in schools. Sending students to the field, making learning more student centered, creating more leadership within the nation, these are things we both want to see happen. I just don’t feel that he would be happy if it was called for by a foreigner like myself. I feel bad for him, as he was the target for racism and persecution for so long, that he may not be able to understand how many gringos are in support of the same things. So many Americans are against the war on drugs and do not support what the DEA was doing in Bolivia when he was fighting for coca rights. When one of these gringos comes in and wants to be a part of the changes he is creating, I feel he will continue to argue with them, even to the point of changing his position if he finds they out they are on his side. I hope one day he will realize than some of his friends working towards a better Bolivia are outside it’s borders and some of his enemies wishing to violate human rights of all his people might be right here within his own palace.
    Even Hugo Chavez has said that the US policies do not represent every person in the USA. I hope Evo can grow to accept this one day as well.

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