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Eldery Protesters Block Highway to Increase Senior Benefits

Posted: admin on Nov 21 | News, Politics

More than one hundred elderly Bolivians blocked the only highway linking La Paz with El Alto today to demand an increase in the senior citizen payment renta Dignidad. “It’s been three years that we’ve been asking for an audience with President Evo Morales, because we’re demanding an increase in the renta Dignidad,” said the executive secretary of the La Paz Senior Citizens Federation Miguel Condori. Condori said that other federations on a national level will begin road blocks soon. Condori said that President Morales promised to increase the renta Dignidad for people over the age of 65 in a speech in Charapaqui but has not fulfilled this promise. “Our brothers from the provinces have arrived in their beds to stay and meet with president Morales,” said Condori who clarified that Bolivia’s elderly support president Morales, but they just want to increase the renta Dignidad.

To learn more in Spanish see: http://www.lostiempos.com/diario/actualidad/nacional/20111121/adultos-mayores-bloquean-autopista-la-paz-el-alto_150271_311804.html


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