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Bolivia Begins Flying New Fighter Jets

Posted: admin on Aug 08 | News

Admiral Pacheco of the Bolivian armed forces announced that yesterday Bolivia began flying its six new Chinese K-8 fighter jets for the first time. Pacheco presented three of the six planes to President Morales during a military parade celebrating “Dia de la Patria” in Tarija. The admiral said that the planes will be used against drug trafficking. Bolivia, South America’s poorest country, spent $58.7 million on the planes, which were manufactured in China and assembled in Cochabamba. Bolivia has been sending pilots, instructors and technicians to China for training in the operation and maintenance of the planes. Bolivian pilots have been conducting test flights alongside Chinese pilots.

To learn more in Spanish see: http://www.lostiempos.com/diario/actualidad/nacional/20110808/militares-comienzan-a-operar-aviones-k-8_136857_279482.html


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